Tiger Striped Cat Names: Ideas for Unique & Exotic Cats

tiger striped cat name

We completely understand how stunning the look of a gorgeous tiger stripe is on the coat of a kitten. If your cat’s coat has stripes that are not tiger stripes, it could mean many things. It could be that they are born with the tabby gene, a characteristic that can be found in any breed. Or they might be a famously stripy breed, such as Bangles, American Bobtails, or Maine Coons. When you decide on the right name for your cat We are sure that you could take a cue from their fur patterns.

Below, we’ve put together the top 10 feline names that are tiger-striped for females and males and several named after their stripes.

Female Tiger Striped Cat Names
























Male Tiger Striped Cat Names
























Black and White Tiger Striped Cat Names

Black cats with stripes of tiger typically contrast by white or brown variations. These colors can leave you seeking names that is as fascinating and playful just like the kitten you have! These are our top black tiger stripes names:














Orange Tiger Striped Cat Names

Ginger or orange-colored stripes are usually marbled across the fur, and are usually separated by a lighter coat color like the white and cream. Though rare and true to the spirit of a tiger it is possible to be fortunate enough to own one with black stripes! Cats with orange stripes are also considered to be aggressive, so if you are searching for names that evoke the true tiger spirit, this is the right list for you.




















Grey Tiger Striped Cat Names

There are a myriad of combinations for grey-striped cats. These coats can contain shades like reds, blacks, browns whites, and they even have orange. Based on their distinctive and distinctive appearance, below are our top selections of grey stripes:








 Earl Grey











Bonus: Famous Tiger Cat Names

Tigers have been in films and in literature for a long time So it should be expected that we contain our top tiger character names.


 Shere Khan

 Richard Parker






Finding the Right Name for Your Tiger Striped Cat

Selecting an individual name for your kitten may make you feel a little unsteady. However, we do hope that our more than 100 Tiger Stripe names have given you a sense of. It doesn’t matter if you were influenced by their unique coat color and decided to go with Zebra, or just chose Tiger because it’s pretty simple and cute We are certain that there are plenty of great names for all cats.

If you’re not sure, we’ve included a couple in our well-known cat names blog posts, and we hope that you’ll be more successful with one of these.

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