175+ Best Blue Eyed Cat Names With Meanings

names for cats with blue eyes

Eyes with blue eyes are adored throughout history for their captivating and soul-searching color. Blue-eyed cats aren’t the same! With their blue eyes and sky blue eyes, it is possible to be swayed into thinking they can look right into the inner functioning of your mind.

The process of choosing the ideal name for your blue-eyed feline isn’t an easy job. Naturally, you’ll need to select a name that reflects the striking color of their eyes, taking into consideration their personality, and perhaps their color of fur, too.

At Catological we’re massive fans of blue-eyed cats and believe they should have distinctive and exotic names. This is why we’ve compiled this extensive list of more than 250 names for blue-eyed cats for male and female cats.

If you’re lucky enough to own a unique polydactyl cat, we’ve got some fantastic options for blue-eyed polydactyl cat names!


Every cat starts life with blue eyes. This is because they do not have the pigmentation that they require at such a young age, which allows them to have their true color of eyes for adulthood.

This is why it’s best not to give your pet a name based on the color of their eyes until they are older. However, if your pet is 3 months old and is blue-eyed, you know that your cat is truly a blue-eyed beauty!

Most Popular Blue-Eyed Cat Names

If you’re a fan of blue-eyed cats, just looking into their eyes could be an enthralling experience.

Blue eyes used to be a sign of a health issue however, as time has passed it has been a prized characteristic of humans as well as cats and dogs.

To show your appreciation and love for the name you chose We have put together 100 blue-eyed cat names for your cat.

  • Angel – for beautiful cats
  • Blueberry – A name that makes you think of the blueberries you ate in the past
  • Blue – for cats that have adorable blue eyes that look almost indigo
  • River – for cats who have watery eyes
  • Mordecai – Mordecai those who love blue-ray shows’ well-known actor, Mordecai
  • Skye – for those who are enthralled by the blue hue of the sky
  • Hyacinth – for cat lovers who adore this plant
  • Glacier – The term used to describe white cats
  • Taylor – For fans of the haired crooner known as Taylor who normally loves cats
  • Glory – A cat with a brightly-colored coat
  • Churchill – for cats of Chinese origin
  • Electricity – is an excellent name for powerful cats
  • Benedict – for Love of Benedict Cumberbatch actor, who plays a film actor with blue eyes
  • Sinatra – For his love for Frank Sinatra who is a blue-eyed, blue-eyed
  • Ice – is a cat name that refers to ice, which is blue-colored at an extended distance
  • Violet – for those cats that have eyes in violet, who are calm and majestic
  • Jasmine – for those cats who are as beautiful as this flower
  • Gem – for precious extremely expensive, valuable, and expensive cats
  • Cornflower – for cats with blue eyes. They look attractive, reflecting the cornflower’s petals
  • Neptune – For huge blue cats
  • Water – For cats who are calm and cool
  • Petal – for those cats that look gorgeous as the petals of a rose
  • Blue – for the cat who is unique to you
  • Lilly – for gorgeous cats who enjoy water reflections. flowering plant. It has stunning flowers
  • Bluestar – Name Cat from the Warriors book series
  • Isa – for cats which reflect the characteristics of the ice of Norwegian
  • Ragdoll – for those cats with blue-eyed origins, this breed was created in the U.S
  • Sinn – For the cats who are a joy to you
  • Sopa – For stunning cats
  • Tida – for female cats you consider the as being your child
  • Isra – (in Hebrew) for cats who play free within your home
  • Hansa – for the cats who are always content or bring some joy to your kids and you
  • Chariya – for those cats with decent manners
  • Virote – For cats that are strong
  • Sunti – for calm and tranquil cats
  • Kiet – for cats who are worthy of some respect due to their manner of behavior
  • Paul Hollywood – Paul Hollywood is The name of this star who has blue eyes
  • Jared Leto – A wonderful name for this blue-eyed star
  • Aimee – for cats who are beloved companions to you
  • Jocely – for playful cats
  • Agatha – for the kindhearted cats
  • Tove – Name that was given to the beautiful cats
  • Vita – for cats who are active and lively
  • Sada – for cats that brought fortune to the home of your
  • Hugo – for the affection from this Houston city
  • Gaius – for the cats who are happy
  • Kailan – for responsible cats that even keep keys secure
  • Sittichai – Sittichai cats that have brought happiness to your home
  • Pierre – For hardy kittens
  • Renne – For the cats who have brought a new rise or a new beginning to your life
  • Colton – For cats with dark colors
  • Isadora – for those tough and talented cats
  • Amory – For courageous and strong cats
  • Glyn – Cats who came from the valley
  • Skipper – for those cats who deserve to be given the title of captain
  • Micaiah – for those cats who are honored and revered as a god
  • Bannan – For cats named after the specific commander
  • Ophelie – For cats who may have killed the snake
  • Seraphina – is an excellent cat name for gorgeous and hot cats
  • Zadie – Cat name for females that refers to the princess
  • Cyilla – Cyilla Cat name for females that refers to a woman
  • Havalah – for cats that live by looking at them
  • Forba – For cats with a strong head
  • Nudara – for gold furred cats
  • Darcell – For dark cats
  • Ghost – Cat name that is great for those who love Halloween.
  • Boo – Named after Halloween
  • Buffy – A fantastic cat name that refers to the concept of a Vampire
  • Asper – For Ghost Casper’s love Ghost Casper
  • Spooky – for those scary cats
  • Albino – For albino cats
  • Everest – To bring you back to this magnificent mountain, in the words of
  • Iceman – For white cats
  • Wizard – A name that is given to cats with blue eyes as the wizard
  • Snowy – Name given to the blue eyes on a white cat
  • Nimbus – for the love of cloud
  • Snowball – for the ever-gorgeous cats
  • Krystal – for cats with beautiful eyes and clear eyes
  • January – for the affection of this famous star, or perhaps your birthday month
  • Kenzie – For fair cats
  • Misty – is for cats who have cool white fur
  • Polar – for the passion for the ice
  • Snowflake – Cats that serve as an omen of the winter season
  • Frosty – for cats who are loved for their beauty
  • Flower – for the passion for blue flowers
  • Shadow – for the passion of the film actor
  • Lulu – for gorgeous felines with fur that is bright and shiny
  • Beautiful – Cats who are precious
  • Sweet Paws – For cats with outstanding paws
  • Alexander – for the admiration of this king with blue eyes
  • Mercury – For kittens
  • Baby Blue – for innocent and affectionate cats
  • Indigo – Indigo those cats that have indigo colors
  • Smokey – For outstanding cats
  • Luigi – For cats who are fighters
  • Maverick – Maverick is An amazing cat name that was derived from a group of cats
  • Duke – For cats with noble bloodlines
  • Clover – for the love of the fragrant spice that is good for you
  • Cyril – For proud cats
  • Damien – For calm cats

Blue-Eyed Male Cat Names

blue eyed male cat names

  • Aegir The Norse god of the sea
  • Aoki – Japanese name that means Blue tree
  • Aouli – refers to the sky’s vast blue expanse
  • Andorian – name him the Blue alien from Star Trek
  • Ben – Short form of Benitoite Rare blue stone
  • Biru – means blue in Malay
  • Caspian – the largest in the world the in-water body, inland, the Caspian sea that is deep blue
  • Gagan – Means sky in India
  • Genie – Based on the super blue color used found in Aladdin
  • Gorm Irish origin, meaning blue
  • HINTO – Native American name meaning blue
  • Hitomi – means the blue eye color in Japanese
  • Iris – Flowers that have a shade of blue
  • Jay – Blue Jay blue crest and the name is suitable for an active and loud cat
  • Kal – Kal El the superman. Kal El is dressed in a blue suit
  • Ler – Irish mythological sea lord
  • Levi – is a tribute to Levi Strauss, the famous American Blue Jeans Company, a subsidiary of the American Blue Jeans Company
  • Max Rebo – Flashing a lightbulb It brings back memories of the blue musician from Star Wars. Star Wars films
  • Mazarine – means the deep blue shade in French
  • Moody – Moody by the British rock group Moody Blues
  • Murdoch – means protector of the ocean in Gaelic
  • Neel – is blue, which means “blue” in Hindu
  • Nulam – Sapphire stone is among the Hindu
  • Nilakantha – refers to blue-throated birds
  • Pooter – A grayish-blue shade
  • Raiden – Japanese God of mythology, lightning, and thunder
  • Ruka – is a reference to a vibrant blue flower that is used in Japanese
  • Saxe – for your cat with a subtle shade of blueish-grey coat
  • Sini – Sini The Finnish word Sininen which means blue
  • Slate – A grayish-blue shade
  • Turk – Short form of turquoise; bluish-green gemstone
  • Velvet – Inspired by the film Blue Velvet
  • Wrangler – A brand of tough denim jeans designed for the tough cat
  • Zale – Zale Greek name that means the power of the sea.
  • Zeru – Means sky in Basque

Blue-Eyed Female Cat Names

blue eyed female cat names

  • Akoya – inspired by the stunning blue of saltwater Akoya pearls
  • Aoki – Aoki evergreen tree with blue leaves
  • Atasi — Indian Origin meaning blue flower
  • Aquanetta – The perfect cat for cats with blue-green eyes.
  • Azula – Azula is A Spanish word that means blue.
  • Azura – is a term used to describe a blue sky in Spanish
  • Azurite – A deep blue soft stone created by the weathering copper
  • Blaze – as in blue the blaze
  • Brooke – is a tiny stream that flows through the forest, which is perfect for a calm and peaceful cat
  • Charaya – A bluish-pink hue
  • Claramay – A mix of pink and blue shades
  • Celeste – Means Heavenly in Latin
  • Cyan – for a feline with a greenish-blue hue eye
  • denim – This durable cotton fabric, which is commonly used in jeans creates a fantastic name for your beautiful female
  • Diamonds – Some diamonds possess the color blue
  • Dolimeans – Bluebirds in Native American
  • Dory – is inspired by the Blue Fish from Finding Nemo. Finding Nemo
  • Jadeite – A beautiful greenish-blue gemstone that fits an exquisite feline
  • Kai – Means Sea in Hawaiian
  • Kyan – Short version of Kyanite, a rich blue gem
  • Larmina – is a reference to blue skies in the ancient Roman
  • Lynae – Means little blue flower
  • Marilee – Means the star that is blue-colored seas in Latin
  • Meena – is a reference to the bluestone in the Hindu
  • Marlais – Means blue in Welsh
  • Miku – a Japanese word meaning beautiful skies
  • Minjonet – is a reference to a small blue flower in French
  • Mira – Means ocean in Sanskrit
  • Nakesha – refers to the blue ruler of heaven
  • Nalakshi – Nalakshi the blue-eyed woman from India
  • Neela – Of Hindu origin meaning blue
  • Neytiri – the chief’s daughter from the movie Avatar has a blue-colored skin
  • Odeta – Romanian word meaning blue sky
  • Oldwin – Great blue sky in the summer
  • Rai Rai – Japanese word for lightening your powerful and swift cat
  • Rio – Means River in Spanish
  • Sapphire – A wonderful name for a beautiful cat with blue, shiny eyes.
  • Smurf – Smurf by the blue character from the movie Smurfs
  • Sunila – Of Indian origin meaning dark blue
  • Teal – A blue hue

Bonus Names for Cats With Blue Eyes

Names for Cats With Blue Eyes

While every kitten has blue eyes initially, the majority of cats’ eyes turn brown or green as they grow older. Certain cats’ eyes are blue, though they always have an eye-catching appearance. This is why it is sensible to name your blue-eyed cat names that match their stunning eyes. Here’s a list of our favorite name choices:

  • Azure Azure refers to blue skies. “Azure” is a beautiful name for the Siamese or Himalayan cat with blue eyes.
  • Aqua  If you think of water, you likely imagine the color blue, which makes this the perfect method for your pet to be named in honor of those blue waterways of your preferred river or lake.
  • Mare – “meaning “ocean”, this name is ideal for blue-eyed cats whose eyes can be any shade from the ocean during a calm afternoon to the blue-grey hue of an ocean that is raging.
  • Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli is a blue stone that was also used to create blue paint for manuscripts. It is a name that stands for the aristocratic nature of the house.
  • Atasi Originating from an Indian source, “Atasi” refers to blue flowers.
  • Cornflower – Striking blue eyes, just like those eyes cornflowers, deserve a stunning name.
  • Hyacinth A different flower’s name, this one is more subdued in hue than cornflowers. It’s a stunning name for a Persian cat that has blue eyes.
  • Darel Originating from an Aboriginal source, “Darel” means “blue sky”.
  • Gormain – an Irish Name, “Gormain” simply means “blue” (but what a wonderful way to describe blue! ).
  • Jalanhili –  Another name that comes from Indian origin This one translates to “as blue as water”.
  • Mavi “Mavi” means “blue” in Turkish. Perfect for your blue-eyed Persian beauty.
  • Mora –  Mora is another sweet and short name, “Mora” is Spanish for little blueberries.
  • Neelakshi – The perfect name that comes from Indian Origin; it translates to “blue-eyed”.
  • Yahto – The name comes from Sioux which simply means blue. It’s a unique name for your pet’s feline.

Your cat’s reaction will be by the name you choose to give them, so be sure to choose a name you choose.

Let your cat be involved in deciding on a cat’s name by experimenting with its response to any name you decide to use.

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