10 Benefits of Having a Cat at Home

benefits of owning a cat

Being a pet owner can be an extremely rewarding bond. Cats are able to soothe your nervous system and offer the immediate opportunity for play and playing. While cats are independent creatures who love to search for and play in their own way They are also loving with their owners and those they trust.

The majority of cats like to snuggle on your lap after long days while you sit and watch TV or read books. The simple act will trigger automatic releases of many of the good types of chemicals to your brain which allows you to settle into your evening without feeling the burden of life upon your shoulders. Anyone who has a cat will be able to tell you how much their cat can help them relax and unwind. Although many people appreciate being around dogs and cats, they can be somewhat of an acquired taste, but once it’s reached this is a difficult taste to let go of.

Benefits of Owning a Cat

1. Owning a Cat Is Better for the Environment

If you’re concerned about the impact of your environmental footprint, is it better to have a cat rather than a dog? A study from 2009 found that the materials that are required to feed a dog for the duration of its life leave the same footprint on the environment as the Land Cruiser. In contrast, cats – who consume less food in general and are more likely to consume fish as opposed to beef or corn-based products, have an environmental footprint as a smaller hatchback.

2. They’ll Help You Cope

The loss of a loved one is very painful, but one of the most effective methods to deal with the loss is to have pets. Cats have been proven to aid people in overcoming loss faster and exhibit fewer physical manifestations of grief, such as crying. In spite of the fact that they’re animals, cats can serve as social support during tough moments. People who are grieving say they talk with their pets to work out their grief, as it’s often easier to talk to a pet that doesn’t react and is unable to be judged than to another human being.

3. And Find a Significant Other

If you’re single and can’t find a date, consider getting an animal! A British poll revealed that the majority of women believe that they’re more drawn to people who are animal lovers. Even though having a pet can make a huge difference in your relationships and your relationship, 90% of single women claimed that people who have cats have a tendency to be “nicer” than men who don’t. Inputting the fact that you have cats on your profile may make a difference in the number of responses you receive. However, keep in mind that a cat is intended to last forever, not only until you meet a new partner.

4. Cat Owners Are Smart

A study conducted in 2010 among British pet owners conducted by The University of Bristol found that pet owners had a higher probability of holding university degrees than their dog-loving peers. In 2014, researchers in Wisconsin conducted a survey of 600 college students and discovered that pet owners were more educated and also. (But it’s not likely to be cats that make the owner more intelligent: researchers who conducted the Bristol survey found that people who are smarter tend to work for longer periods of time as well, and since cats require less time than dogs, they’re an ideal choice for active academics.)

5. You’ll Have a Healthier Heart

Pets are good for your health. Cats, in particular, lower your stress levels, perhaps because they require less effort than dogs. Additionally, they reduce the level of anxiety that you experience in your life. Petting a cat can have an uplifting effect on your mood. A study showed that over the course of a decade, cats had thirty percent more likely to suffer from a heart attack or stroke than people who do not have cats (although this could be due to the fact that cat owners are less stressed and are less stressed generally).

6. They Fulfill Your Need for Companionship

The notion about dogs as being less loving than cats is simply an untruth. It is proven that cats can be as wonderful companions as can be dogs specifically for ladies. An Austrian study conducted in 2003 revealed that a pet living in the home is equivalent to having a romantic companion. In addition to being the primary contact point most often, research has shown that cats will keep the kindness and will return the favor later.

Cats do, however, enjoy an advantage in these interactions. Through thousands of generations of domestication, the cats have learned to make a half-pure/half-howl sound that sounds similar to a human infant’s cry. Our brains are programmed to react to children’s distress. It’s nearly impossible to deny the needs of a cat when it is demanding it in the same way as a human baby would.

7. They Can Tell You (And Others!) A Lot About Your Personality

The pet you choose to have revealed the character of your persona. While dogs are known to be the main attraction at the gathering, cats tend to be less sociable and quieter. They do score high in terms of how reliable they are as well as the degree to which they trust others. Cat owners are in addition less manipulative and sensible.

8. You’ll Sleep Better

Numerous studies or polls across the UK have shown that individuals (especially females) prefer sleeping with their pets rather than their spouses, and are even more comfortable sleeping with a cat than humans. The most recent study by the Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine suggests that they could be onto something. 41 percent of those who participated in the study said that they were able to sleep better due to their pet, however, only 20 percent of respondents said that it caused problems.

9. Cat Ownership Means Fewer Allergies

It’s probably too late for those of you who have a baby to be born, it could be time to consider getting an animal. In 2002 The National Institutes of Health published a study that discovered that children less than a year older who had exposure to cats had a lower risk of being affected by allergies and not just pet allergies. Based on Marshall Plaut, M.D. director of the section on allergic mechanisms within the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, “high pet exposure in the early years of life is believed to guard against not just pet allergies, but also different types of common allergies like allergies to dust mites, grass, and ragweed.” While the cats’ parasite Toxoplasma gondii can pose a risk for children who are just starting out, experts say that by cleaning your cat’s litter box daily and keeping your cat inside You should be secure and free of allergies!

10. They Can Quite Literally Save Your Life

Cats have a reputation for being uncaring and aloof about their owners, but they’ve saved the lives of many in the past. One cat from the United Kingdom warns her human when she’s about to suffer an epileptic seizure and a cat from Montana awakens the two of its owners when a gas line begins to leak. The firefighters informed the couple that their house could have collapsed without the cat’s intervention.

One cat even won the most prestigious award for military animals. Simon Simon, the feline, was aboard HMS Amethyst that was sailing along to the Yangtze in 1949, when an explosion struck the boat, killing a number of marines as well as severely wounding Simon. (The incident marked the start of the 101-day siege against the ship that would be referred to as the Yangtze Incident.) Simon was able to recover but, despite the injuries was able to perform his duties as a ship captain and began to capture rats that were threatening the food supply on the ship and giving moral support to the survivors of the ship. Simon died shortly after returning to the UK and Simon was later awarded the country’s Dickin Medal, known as the animal’s Victoria Cross, for “behavior that was of the highest quality and, despite the blast being capable of creating an opening of over a foot wide in the stainless steel sheet.”

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